Q: How to Control Myopia?

A: Please refer to the video link published at "AllAboutVision.com"

Q: What can you do to control Myopia progression?

A: The American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control (AAOMC) meeting 2016 was hold this April in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Please see their website  http://www.orthokacademy.com for detail.)

The following is recommended for Myopia control:

  • Go outdoors and play!
  • Pharmaceutical eye-drops
  • Bifocal glasses
  • Bifocal soft contact lens
  • Orthokeratology contact lenses

Get your eye checked every year and ask your eye doctor what you can do to stop the myopia progression.

Q: Why outdoor-time matters for myopia control?

A: Based on Dr. Earl L. Smith’s study: Visual signals from the periphery retina can dominate central refractive development (Smith et al 2005).

The outdoor scene provides virtually entire visual field in-focus for normal eyes which prevents myopic eye growth, while indoor scene causes more hyperopic defocus (which results in myopic eye growth). Similar situation happens with short work distance at reading and writing.

Q  : Why Orthokeratology contact lens can prevent the progression of Myopia?

A: Myopic defocus on peripheral retina induces hyperopic change of eye growth which slows down the myopic progression.

Orthokeratology contact lens causes myopic defocus on peripheral retina. That's why it prevents the progression of myopia. 


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